Before you can create a message to the world, you first need to create a message to yourself.

Social Media is about being yourself, at scale.

Who is Baz Gardner?

A world class speaker, with a passion and enthusiasm for the evolution of Social Business and Social Advice, who always leaves his audience wanting more…

Baz started his own advice business based around insurance and retirement planning in 1997 at age 24 and spent the following 14 years building a very successful advice firm specialising in high net worth holistic advice. Baz has also been a follower and participant of online communities for over 15 years, writing short stories that went viral, for bulletin boards and forums, before the term Social Media existed. He has also built a sports related internet forum into a site that was among the most popular in its category in the world.

Most interestingly though is the fact that Baz spent the final 4+ years as principal of his own business (2006-2010) solely working to research, understand and develop digital strategies to grow and improve the efficiency of his advice business. His study of the mechanism for the client decision making process both at engagement and at each stage of acceptance culminated as an art he terms “Conversion Psychology”.

Baz’s unique perspective on the combination of Conversion Psychology and digital influence has led to a philosophy that he terms Social Advice. This means better engagement, with more ideal clients, a constant stream of new ideal clients seeking you out, and the efficiency to deliver better service and deeper relationships with less time and cost.

Don’t expect to get the ‘normal’ Social Media rhetoric from Baz; he is an adviser and business owner first and knows that there are only 3 results that matter: more clients, more time, less cost.

In my fifteen years as an adviser I became disillusioned with the fixed thinking and lack of new ideas being provided to our profession.  Most of the material required me to change my business and came from consultants with no idea about what it is actually like to run a successful professional services firm.

Why should you choose Baz?

After selling his own business in 2010, Baz became frustrated by the fact that he saw too many businesses (financial and professional services firms especially) being led astray from the real opportunity that Social Media presents. Baz saw these firms being fooled into the paradigms of ‘content is king’ and ‘search engine optimisation’.  Thinking that building followers and mass distribution, and combining it with proof of your technical ability is how you can attract new clients, is a flawed philosophy.

Baz Gardner and The Social Adviser have gained a “second-to-none” reputation as teachers of practical business techniques and solutions in the field of digital advice and Social Media that are proven to assist business professionals in achieving sustainable success and business growth in a fun and efficient way. Most importantly all of our content is delivered with an understanding of real world practical application.

I have been attracting clients through digital channels for more than 15 years. It was a secret weapon that allowed me to achieve some amazing growth, efficiency and client satisfaction within my own business. I was building online influence and growing my client base a long time before I had heard the term Social Media, when Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter were a long way from even being conceived.

Our main purpose and philosophy is to share our knowledge and help professionals adapt their business to new and better ways of building and managing relationships, at scale, whilst at the same time raising up the professions in which they work.

Baz specializes in ideas that don’t require you to change your business, but to distil what is uniquely yours, only then using digital communication, Social Media, technology and client psychology to exponentially improve the quality, fun, efficiency and profitability of your business.

Baz wants to make sure that business professionals have everything they need to feel energized and passionate about what they do every day, so be prepared to see the way you engage your clients, and the world around you, in a whole new light.

Baz is in high demand as a speaker and educator and has spoken and presented at over 60 events in Australia and internationally in the last year alone. Due to the passion and skill he dedicates to his work, widespread reach and online influence, Baz and The Social Adviser is proving to be the ‘go to’ for firms seeking practical advice in implementing an effective digital strategy that actually works.

What Baz has to offer

We are extremely confident in saying that our intellectual property and custom technology based solutions are unique. We create the best strategies in the world for completely “baked in” Social Media and digital strategies. Whether you want your team to begin their journey of understanding Social or you would like to focus instead on workshopping for results on a particular topic, like finding and attracting clients through LinkedIn, we have the know-how to help you get there, and the results you can achieve are game changing.

Public Speaking & Key Note Presentations

Have the most passionate and innovative speaker on the topic of Social Business, Social Advice and Digital Media attend your event and blow the minds of your audience with the exciting possibilities of the future.

Their perspective will be changed forever when they come to realise the untapped potential for their ability to attract, connect and serve far more effectively than they every dreamed possible.

Baz is consistently asked to return to run longer and more detailed sessions for his audiences.

Workshops & Training Days

Educating and empowering is at the heart of what we do and while we love technology, nothing can compare to working together in person for breaking down barriers and creating the momentum needed to bring change.

We are constantly running events, workshops and courses as part of our programs and it’s one of the most powerful and meaningful ways we love to deliver value to our clients and community.

We also run custom presentations, training days and workshop series’ for teams, associations and companies. The options and topics are vast and the time investment variable but ultimately we are here to give you what you need, and this can only be decided in collaboration with you! If your interest has to do with communication, human relationships and the cross over to digital and Social Media, Social Business and other aspects of technology, then talk to us and we will help you achieve the results you are looking for.


Customised Team Training & Integrated Digital Support Offerings

We create custom designed white label training and support platforms for Licensees which empower them to deliver complete Social Media, Digital Communication, and Innovation training and support to their networks. Because we use the latest in education technology, change management psychology and digital innovation we help Dealer Groups deliver far more for less cost.

In addition to strategy development we also provide integrated training and change management programs through our unique combination of digital cloud based training, peer and Social Media interactivity, workshops and training of your key staff.  A good example would be our Social Sales Professional online training and support program which trains and empowers business professionals with the tools, knowledge and experience to engage clients via social media and digital communication while producing high value actual results.

I know there is a better way to do business, to exchange value with each other and to live our lives. Profit and authenticity should never be separate and when brought into harmony they amplify each other. Technology is just a tool, people are the true value and I stand at the nexus with the purpose of bringing both into alignment.

Is Baz right for your audience?

Baz’s message is relevant and critical to all areas and levels within a firm, from the newest junior employee to the most senior Director or Manager. We can tailor presentations to suit any combination of attendees, including but not limited to:

Owners/Directors, Senior Managers and Practice Managers, Senior Advisers, Accountants and all client-facing professional including Lawyers, Doctors etc., Business Development Managers, Administration and Support Team Members, Marketing Directors and Managers, Marketing Coordinators.

All in all, Baz and The Social Advisers solutions and philosophies are applicable to a multitude of different types of individuals or businesses across a vast array of industries and companies. If you are unsure if Baz is compatible with your needs, just give us a call to discuss. We are more than happy to help you get that clarity.

Some Speaking topics to consider

Listed below are just a few examples of the many topics that can be presented. Baz will always tailor his presentations to your needs and they may include none, one, or a combination of the topics listed below. He will also conduct a preparation and planning session with you prior to your event to understand such things as your desired outcomes, the demographics, and the possible expectations of the attendees.

  • Social Media 101 – What is Social Media ‘really’ & how do you get the most out of it?
  • Social Media – The truth behind the buzz. The critical essential principles you need to comprehend before engaging with the various popular Social Media platforms.
  • The Rise of the ‘Social’ Adviser – An overview of the fundamentals of building a digital and Social Media strategy.
  • The Rise of the ‘Social’ BDM – Social Business and Social BDM’s are the evolution of the future and the way you provide value to and support advisers is about to change; we want you right there at the leading edge with us.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn – The cornerstone to every professionals future.
  • The Importance of your Personal Brand – Building a reputation that inspires action.
  • Core Content – The bricks & mortar of ‘know, like and trust’.
  • Creating Engaging Content – The key to spreading influence.
  • Optimising your Website – The power hub of your digital strategy.
  • The Evolution of Video – Why video works.
  • Email: The Forgotten Social Media – Why it’s still your #1 asset for gaining referrals.
  • Website – The power hub of your digital strategy.
  • The Importance of Analytics – Testing & measuring client interactions and measuring your results.
  • System Champions – Prepare your existing team and expand it virtually… right tools, right time.
  • Social CRM – The power of being part of your clients lives 24/7.

What’s been said about Baz?

Rob Bruhl

Rob Bruhl

Managing Partner, Altitude Wealth Solutions

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to become a member of your community. 25 years doing the leadership and development thing in Financial Services and can honestly say the two days spent with you this week were by far the most enlightening I have had. Early adopters are the winners in business and The Social Adviser has without doubt taken that mantle. Thank you and look forward to an exciting future.
Don Sillar

Don Sillar

Head of Sales, ANZ Wealth

I had the great pleasure of working with Baz around Australia recently. His passion for what he does is contagious. His message is authentic, challenging and has immense cut through. A high calibre professional who I am very happy to recommend. Baz is people skills at scale.
David Lane

David Lane

CEO at Count Financial

Baz was the first person able to explain to me in a clear and practical way the importance of social media and how I could use it to help grow Count. I have relied heavily on his guidance and expertise as Count begins its journey into the world of social media. In addition, Baz has spoken at two Count conferences to great effect – feedback from our member firms has been fantastic and, importantly, they have already begun to utilise his strategies.
David Plant

David Plant

General Manager - Operations at Aon Hewitt Financial Advice

Baz has a great handle on his area of expertise and is a thought leader. He has a knack for helping his audience to quickly understand a complex and cluttered subject, and for moving them to action. He is also a modest and personable guy with whom to deal.
Sue Viskovic

Sue Viskovic

Managing Director, Elixir Consulting

What Baz doesn’t know about social media for professional advisers isn’t worth a tweet! Public Speaking is a unique skill set, and one that eludes many a clever person. He took the room full of advisers on a journey that raised their awareness levels, provided great learning content, and adeptly removed much of the fear and misunderstanding about engaging clients online and improving productivity. His enthusiasm was contagious!

Paul Riegelhuth

Director, Synchron

At our last round of PD Days in July we had Baz Gardner who presented ‘The Rise of The Social Adviser’. Nationally, Baz was the top rated speaker by advisers in each State.

Rohan Creedon

Partner APL Financial Services

Baz’s presentation at the Conference gave me the confidence to try some new strategies with social media. His enthusiasm and willingness to share his unique ideas made it a memorable experience. One of his main messages was that social media worked well for older advisers not just younger ones, so we should all embrace it. He really broke down a lot of the barriers that I had about social media.

Prabath Ekanayake, CFP

Financial Adviser, OAMPS Life Solutions

I heard Baz speak recently at a Charter risk forum and I was impressed by his unique insights into using social media to engage with clients. He presented practical strategies that could be implemented by anyone seeking to interact with clients using social media.
He is an engaging and entertaining speaker and I consider him an authority on the topic of client engagement through social media.

Daniel Neuffer

Life Risk Specialist, Lifestyle Assurance

Baz presented at a recent PD Day and shared his thoughts about social marketing. In our industry people are always trying to sell us something, so it was fantastic to hear someone speak and openly share valuable information rather than just a sales pitch. Sometimes you hear something and instantly know it to be right – hearing Baz share his thoughts on the latest sales and marketing strategy was just like that. Real insights into building relationships and building referrals – a collegue of mine received 4 referrals in one morning after I told him about Baz. Thanks Baz.

Stewart Bell

Business Coach, Elixir Consulting

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Baz speak a few times now, both online and in person. He has a clear passion for his subject matter and unpacks it in a way that has delivered more than a few ‘lightbulb’ moments for advisers on new and innovative ways to grow their businesses. He has real mastery of his chosen topic and combines it with a really practical this-is-how-you-do-it approach. It’s no surprise to me that he’s in high demand as a speaker.

Alyssa Doherty

Business Manager, Count Financial

With social media being a key to business success – Baz has the perfect solution that not only converts those in “fear” but also resonates with those actively driving client connections through social media. We engaged Baz to present to our leading firms and the results speak for themselves with the highest level of positive response and action from our advisory network to date. I cannot recommend Baz highly enough as an authentic and reliable solution provider in the social media space.

Charles Badenach

CFP Financial Planner

Having an effective social media strategy is essential to any business or individual wishing to grow and develop in the new online world in which we live. In my search for guidance and assistance in this area I found the “Social Adviser” and made contact with Baz. What followed was one of the most informative and productive professional relationships that I have had over the last 20 years. Baz has an ability to “think outside the square” which gives advisers the tools to stand out in a competitive and cluttered online environment.

Without a clear grasp of the fundamentals of Social Business anything you do in the digital landscape is going to cost you effort and money. This is your chance to learn how to embrace change and opportunity without blowing up your profitability, business or career, or even worse, becoming obsolete as your competitors leave you behind.

Want to find out more about The Social Adviser?

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